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As a global electronic components distributor, Velocity Electronics sourcing team is trusted to support OEM & EMS business partners worldwide. Electronics Components Distributor specializing in Obsolete Electronic Components & Parts, Semiconductors, Capacitors, Microprocessors, Resistors. Components Limited supplies electronics components for manufacturing industry and supply chain. Our main product range consists of semiconductors.

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Vast Line of Computer Chips. Direct Components is a broad-line stocking distributor of both active and passive components. We provide board-level parts and. Global electronic components distributor with huge inventory of in stock and same day ready to ship electronic components. An electronic component distributor is an organisation that will supply electronic components from a variety of manufacturers to electronic manufacturing.


Aztec Global Solutions is a leading independent components distributor in our industry. We've supplied active, passive and peripheral components to some of. The Server Request Broker (SRBroker) component routes requests between Siebel Server components, such as from a Siebel Application Object Manager to a batch. is your resource for electronic component products, datasheets, reference designs and technology news. Explore today.