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I wish to move to Athens as a (retired) Financially Independent person. I do not wish to apply for a Golden visa and the birth records of my greek parents. EU citizens can work in Greece without having to obtain a residence permit or work permit. Find out about the impact on UK nationals post BREXIT. Greek is the. Greece is an incredibly beautiful place to live with plenty to explore and enjoy, from ancient historical sites to black sand beaches.

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When moving house to Greece your belongings are usually transported by road freight. This could be a dedicated removals van but more usually a shared van for. As of and barring the COVID travel restrictions, if you are a U.S., U.K., or Australian citizen, you can come to Greece for 90 days without a special. It is important to remember that Greece does have an unemployment problem – around 10%. But even if you have been receiving unemployment benefit in the UK you.

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Moving to Greece with pets in tow? You've come to the right place! Meet our experts and see how we can make this portion of your relocation as stress-free. Many people are so attracted by the appeal of Greece that they have decided to move there from the UK. If you have hopes of making this journey yourself. Is moving to Greece difficult? Moving to Greece is quite straightforward. EU citizens can move there without a visa or a permit. For other citizens, you need an.