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feed conversion, and pig farrowing rates. Our production facilities consist of genetic breeding, farrowing, nursery, and finishing buildings. This provides for maximum sow comfort, and maximum pig protection. Base flats are made of 3/16" stainless steel, with /8" solid shaft welded to them. The. Using a farrowing crate will help you protect the investment you've made in your sows and allow you wean more pigs per litter. Hog Slat farrowing crates.

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Pig Farrowing Pen and Pig Performance Farrowing is the condition when a sow gives birth. Usually, the sow will be separated from her group 1 week before they. Sows and gilts are moved to a farrowing barn when ready to give birth (farrow). • Usually, a sow or gilt will have 12 to 13 pigs per litter. Shop online for swine housing systems, including farrowing crates and stalls. Browse our full inventory and order online.

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We wanted to make an investment that would take into account the new provisions for animal welfare, which, in pig farming, will always be a determining factor. Sow standing on meshed floor farrowing crate with her piglets. Within a couple of weeks of giving birth, sows are inseminated again (often artificially) and. You will find a variety of information and resources for pig farmers, different options available for keeping sows loose during farrowing and lactation.