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Also known as a drip sequence, a drip email campaign is an automated email marketing strategy designed to deliver several emails to a subscriber over a specific. Introduction to Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns I'll be creating an example SaaS drip campaign very similar to ones run by Wishpond's own marketing team. Instructor Sam Dey takes you through each step of a drip marketing campaign, showing you how to nurture your leads, draft effective emails, refine your sales.

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Drip is a marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce - utilizing email, SMS and tight 3rd-party integrations to help businesses drive revenue. Learn how to create amazing email drip campaigns with hundreds of proven techniques and examples from the world's top marketers. Think of drip emails as a way to share helpful information, products, or tips over a period of time, related to your overall goal for the email campaign. Drip.

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Drip campaigns are the perfect example of how automation and personalization enhance sales and marketing. Put simply, a drip campaign is a set of messages sent. Drip marketing is simply sending a limited number of emails to your audience automatically, on a set timing, based on actions they take or changes in their. Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time.