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WHEREAS the current Computer Aided Dispatch CAD System for the City s Emergency. Center was purchased in from PRC now a Northrop Grumman. CAD Software | Computer Aided Dispatch A Full Featured System for Dispatch Centers Broadcast to Units; Clear, concise incident views. PTS CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) for law enforcement, fire, ems, PTS CAD is Computer Aided Dispatch Software for local dispatch and centers.

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Public safety software for all. LogiSYS software is designed to keep everyone safe. We know that having the right. The Larimore Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) takes the job of Call and updates each CAD event's location or call code changes; Non calls can. Maintain situational awareness as incidents escalate with real-time response location, status information and alerts. Dispatcher utilizing police cad software.

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Southern Software's CAD Software is a tool that allows telecommunicators to efficiently Automatic call guide/instructions display; E interface. ZOLL® Dispatch solutions are computer-aided dispatch software that enables your team to deliver more quality outcomes efficiently. Contact us today. With an interface to your E system, RIMS CAD allows to you create and dispatch the Incident in a matter of seconds. RIMS 3D lets you “drill down through.