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Users with dual-display or multi-monitor systems have full control on the location of the Windows Explorer windows displaying their favorite folders. The data folder monitor integration connector monitor changes in a file directory (folder) and maintains a DataFolder asset for the folder. Set the Folders. Select Browse at the end of the Monitor Folder field and browse to the folder in which the files to drive specifications will be placed.

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Monitor both file changes and new files being added, in a folder. Run a command only if there is any change. It would be best if it either is a built-in. The Folder sensor monitors a folder via Server Message Block (SMB). You can monitor file changes and file ages. Folder Sensor. i_square_cyan For a detailed list. Each instance of FolderMonitor can be configured to monitor several queues, which facilitates prioritized queues. Multiple instances of FolderMonitor can be run.

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Can anyone provide input on the following? Is there a way that SolarWinds can monitor a given folder location and send out an alert on when new files/folders. Folder Monitor is a windows service for sync files and folders with nice GUI, it uses the robocopy tool. gui sync-files folder-monitor robocopy. Updated on Apr. 2/ Oracle® DIVArchive. Drop Folder Monitor (DFM) User's Guide. Release E December Oracle DIVArchive Drop Folder Monitor (DFM).