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Ditch the Spreadsheets With Our HR Management Software. Manage your team from one place with human resources tools we've built from the ground up. Thank you! Resources are availa. Manager Forms. Managers and their form proxies may initiate HR processes via the Manager Tools menu in WorkLion. GSA's HR Tools provide a one-stop resource where citizens can learn about an array of HR-related products and services.

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Faculty and Staff. Browse our resources designed to help you engage and support our workforce. Some content may require authorization. I want to. Work/Life and Wellbeing Resources. Employee Assistance Program: Harvard's EAP, provided to staff and faculty by KGA, has counselors available 24/7 to help. Employee benefits including healthcare are efficiently managed by the benefits administration tools. The software comprises e-learning facilities and self-.

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Human resources teams use Slack to make new hires faster and keep employees engaged and happy. From preparing for interviews to promoting transparency. Effective management of human resources, like the effective management of all other organizational resources, leads to competitive advantage in the. See how our Human Resources (HR) Management Software helps streamline processes, manage HR compliance, collect employee documents, & simplify human.