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British nationals detained oversees, as reported to British embassies, as at 2 March Country. Total. Country. Total. Country. Total. Afghanistan. Locked Up Abroad. Travelers share stories of being arrested in foreign countries. MY LIST. If you have British citizenship you are not a foreign national, although if you were not born in Britain the. Prison Service may still inquire into your.

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Prisons began filling up with people and the old prison ships, known as hulks, were unable to accommodate the overflow. Transportation was therefore introduced. speaking lawyers in Germany and our publication “In Prison Abroad”. If you are a dual national with German citizenship and imprisoned in Germany. Documentary series about young Brits falling foul of the law abroad. Watch Now A spiked drink in Mexico led to Joey waking up in prison.

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This is a true story of survival in what was arguably the most sinister prison in Europe: the Carabanchel. Christopher Chance was the last Brit to be. Organisation we investigated: Foreign and Commonwealth Office Date investigation closed: 28 October The complaint Complainant R complained that a. These are selected digitised records from a variety of record collections held at The National Archives, including Foreign Office, Colonial Office, Admiralty.